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The tyres on your car rarely call attention to themselves but, along with the brakes, they are the most important components of any motor vehicle. If the air conditioning in your car fails, you might have to open the window. If a tyre fails, you could easily lose control of your car with devastating consequences. It does not take much to compromise the ability of a tyre to do its job properly. Poor balance or uneven wear could cause it to lose its grip on the road or fail to respond if you need to make a sudden turn or stop. If you live in Tooting, and your tyres are more than a few years old, bring your car to Fallsbrook Motors and have us inspect them.

The Importance of Regular Tyre Inspections

If you are low on petrol a warning light comes on to alert you to the situation. If you fail to close the door on your car all the way you get another warning light, and in many cases, an audible alarm as well. But there is no such warning light or alarm for your tyres. The only way to know if the tread is wearing thin, or wearing unevenly, or if the tyre is unbalanced, is to inspect it visually. In a perfect world, high-quality tyres should last 6-10 years. But it’s not a perfect world. If you drive on less than ideal surfaces, drive with the tyres under or over-inflated, or carry heavy loads or lots of people regularly your tyres will not last anywhere near that long. Therefore, it’s so important to bring your tyres in for an annual check-up.

Tyres in Tooting for All Makes and Models

At Fallsbrook Motors we carry a vast array of tyres for every current make and model of car. So, don’t delay. Bring your car into Fallsbrook Motors to have your tyres checked. People trust us for tyres in Tooting because they know they will get honest service at reasonable prices. If your car is more than a few years old call on 020 8769 1184 and arrange an appointment to have your tyres checked.

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