Tyres in South East London

New tyres in South East London

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your car, or how many horses you have under the bonnet, if your tyres are in poor shape your car is a danger to you and everyone else on the road. The state of your tyres dictates the nature of your relationship to the road. If your tyres are worn or damaged your car will not perform properly when the weather turns foul. Manoeuvrability will suffer, as will your ability to stop.

If you suspect your tyres are not everything they should be, bring your car into Fallsbrook Motors, South East London, and let our experts take a look. They can tell you if the tyres are in good shape, or if they need to be replaced, rotated or balanced.

Premium Tyres in South East London

People tend to take their tyres for granted. To an extent, that is understandable. After all, today’s tyres are high tech wonders that bear little resemblance to the tyres your grandparents had on their Morris Minor. However, even the best tyres are subjected to enormous stress when in motion, and can become damaged by poorly maintained roads, rubbing against kerbs, improperly aligned wheels, and more.

At Fallsbrook Motors, we stock all popular tyre brands and models. And if we don’t have your particular tyre on hand when you come in, we can get for you fast, usually the same day.

A commitment to outstanding service

Cars change, people change, and tyres change but what does not change is our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers. Since our founding in 1952, our focus has been on delivering friendly, prompt services at reasonable rates. If your car needs new tyres, we’ll tell you as much.

If it doesn’t, we won’t try and sell you something you don’t need. It’s that simple, straightforward approach that has served us so well over the years and produced countless repeat customers who will not trust their car to anyone else. If you need tyres in South East London, come to Fallsbrook Motors, or give us a call on 020 8769 1184 to make an appointment to have your tyres checked.

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