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The area now known as Clapham has been inhabited for nearly 2,000 years, or since the Roman Empire held sway over Britain. In spite of its ancient roots, however, the town has a modern vibe to it that’s impossible to ignore. It’s a car town through and through where people love to head off down the A24 on the weekend to parts unknown, or up the A3 to London Centre to catch a football match or just hang in Leicester Square or Soho. When people need tyres in Clapham they know Fallsbrook Motors is the place to get them. We have one of the largest selections of tyres in South London and one of the most knowledgeable and friendly sales and installation staff you’ll find anywhere.

Premium Tyres in Clapham

Whether you own a Fiesta or a Ferrari your car is only as good as the tyres that hold it to the road. If those tyres are worn out or compromised by being unbalanced or because the front wheels are out of alignment, you and anyone else who gets in the car with you, is in danger. Worn or damaged tyres do not hold turns as well and they compromise your ability to stop the car. Worn tyres are constantly in danger of being punctured by even small objects and, when the weather turns foul, worn tyres do little to help you stay on the road. If you have worn or damaged tyres and you don’t want to wind up a sad statistic, the best thing to do is to bring your car into Fallsbrook Motors as soon as possible and let us match it with new, high-quality tyres.

Warning Signs of Worn and Damaged Tyres

Not everyone is so in tune with their car that they can easily tell when the tyres are worn or damaged just by the way the car feels when driving. But that’s okay, because you can still tell if your tyres need replacing just by conducting a visual inspection. Here are a few things you should look for that indicate it’s time to come to Fallsbrook for new tyres.

Bulges on the wall of the tyre – If you notice a bulge or a bump on the wall (the outside vertical part) of the tyre you need to have that tyre replaced ASAP. That’s true even if the bulge or bump is a small one. Bulges often happen because the driver hits a pothole or kerb. But the cause is less important than getting the tyre replaced.

Smooth tread – Tyres are designed with deep grooves that vary in design and depth depending on the tyre. Among other things these grooves allow water on a wet road to be channeled away enabling the tyre to make solid contact with the road surface. If the tread on your tyres has worn smooth so that barely any grooves are visible you need to get new tyres immediately.

One side of the tread worn away – If either the inside or the outside edge of the tread is worn smooth you will need to replace your tyres ASAP. You will also need to have the technician at Fallsbrook Motors align your front wheels, because a misalignment is what is causing the tyres to wear in such an unusual way.

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Today’s automobile has little in common with your grandparents’ automobile, except that both your grandparent’s car and your car need high-quality tyres in good condition in order to operate safely. If you’re in Clapham wondering where to get quality tyres at competitive prices make an appointment with Fallsbrook Motors by calling us on 020 8769 1184.

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