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Class 4 and Class 7 MOT in Tooting

If you own a car in Tooting, you know the MOT test is no joke. Failing to have a current MOT certificate can produce a fine of as much as £2,500. If you own a car in this part of South West London, you also know that finding a garage to conduct the MOT test can be a challenge. But find one you must. Fallsbrook Motors is a popular choice because of our convenient location, professionalism, and reliability. We will get you in and out in a timely manner and won’t try and saddle you with pointless add-ons or unnecessary repairs.

Why Do I Need an MOT Test?

The Ministry of Transport test, or MOT test, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. And while there are plenty of people who feel yet another level of bureaucracy is nothing to celebrate, this test has likely saved a lot of lives by getting countless death traps off the road. It began as a voluntary test, but to the surprise of no one, compliance was extremely low. As such, it wasn’t long before the test was made compulsory with new items being added to the test list over the years, including tyres in 1968 and emissions in 1991. Today’s MOT test looks at 17 different components of a car. If a component fails it must be repaired before the car can be issued an MOT certificate.

No-Nonsense MOT in Tooting by Fallsbrook Motors

People are often reluctant to bring their car into a garage for an MOT test. They fear the mechanic will try and take advantage of them by claiming the car needs repairs when it doesn’t. While that may happen with some less than reputable mechanics, that is not the way we operate. At Fallsbrook Motors, we built our reputation on playing it straight with our customers. If everything is fine, we’ll tell you everything is fine. If something needs fixing before an MOT certificate can be issued, we’ll explain exactly what the problem is and present you with your options. If you need an MOT in Tooting call Fallsbrook Motors on 020 8769 1184 to arrange an appointment.

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