servicing and repairs

Servicing and Repairs

To ensure your vehicle is running safely, it is important to get it serviced at least once a year, which involves a full vehicle inspection.

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mot testing

MOT Testing

By law, every car that is older than three years is required to undergo an annual MOT to ensure that it is still roadworthy.

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The most important safety system on any vehicle. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure your vehicles brakes are in tip top condition.

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Clutch repair and replacement is another skill that our highly experienced technicians at Fallsbrook Motors excel at.

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Does your vehicle have a warning light displayed? Warning lights indicate a safety system is not working properly or there is an emissions fault.

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Modern vehicles are relying more than ever on electrical systems, not only for safety but also reliability.

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The exhaust system of a vehicle is essential for keeping the harmful, noxious fumes that engines produce away from the occupants of a vehicle.

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wheels and tyres

Wheels and Tyres

We specialise in all manner of wheel and tyre and replacement. From wheel balancing and alignment to fitting new tyres and alloy wheels.

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steering and suspension

Steering and Suspension

Steering and suspension are fundamental systems on all vehicles, they provide drivers with stability, control and comfort.

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air conditioning

Air Conditioning

Fallsbrook Motors is ready to help you with any air conditioning job whether it’s a service or a system repair.

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wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

We have invested in the latest camera alignment technology, supplied by our partners Absolute Alignment.

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